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About The Woman's Well

Women are multi-dimensional beings with different aspect: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual.  Each of them speak to and affect one another, amalgamating to the beautiful creature a woman is.  The Woman's Well name has a dual meaning, a perfect representation of the two main aspects of emphasis: the spiritual and the physical.

Founder: Angel


Angelica "Angel" Delallana is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for women's health.  She has spent the majority of her career caring for those in low-income populations, attempting to care for their physical needs while taking into account the limited resources available to them. 

Her years in critical care helped her to see the importance of spirituality and prayer, and the dignity of human beings.  Having spent some time in the world of aesthetics, she began to see another truth.  In combining both extreme and different realities, she began to see a different picture of what health and beauty truly mean, developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural woman.

Being a wife and mother of two boys, she had to learn to navigate the balance of family and work life.  All of these life experiences created an internal need for her to help other women. Hence, the Women's Well.

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